Wednesday, April 18, 2012

HTC One X OTA update fixes camera bug

HTC today released an over the air (OTA) firmware update for their new flagship Tegra 3-powered One X smartphone. No official changelog has been provided, but it is said to provide a number of fixes including battery optimisation, fixes to on-screen menu, brightness level, as well as various minor fixes. While the Android ICS version remains at 4.0.3, the updates increases the firmware version to 1.28.401.9.

I can confirm that the update also fixes the camera bug issue that is documented in my HTC One X camera review. The bug, which has never been acknowledge by HTC, prevents the device from saving images larger than 3MB. Indeed, the first thing I did after applying the update was capture an image of a brick wall (something I always do to test the lens for barrel distortion), which resulted in an image file north of 4MB. Lovely. Good job HTC.
A brick wall may be boring, but it is a demanding test for your puny cameraphone. You can also hurl your phone at it.
My HTC One X unit has also exhibited serious screen flickering and corruption issue but I can't confirm whether this update fixes it as the issue appears at random and there is no real way of replicating it easily.

While the camera bug should never have escaped initial testing before deployment of the One X, it is nice to see HTC providing an update that fixes it, among others, barely two weeks after the smartphone was released. The update should be available on European HTC One X units. An OTA update for other markets will no doubt follow soon.

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