Friday, December 2, 2011

Official Nokia SP-NOK01 screen protector for Lumia 800 review

As you can probably tell, I love the new Nokia Lumia 800. So much, that I have been using it as my main phone for exactly a month now. Confident that it can serve as my daily driver for the next few months, I have even decided to invest in accessories for it. The Lumia 800 may be a great phone, but Nokia has not released the usual quality accessories that we should expect to accompany a great phone. Read on to find out why.

The Nokia "Made for Nokia" SP-NOK01 screen protector is an official Nokia accessory, made by Nokia, and costs £12 at Carphone Warehouse and MobileFun (cheaper online at, Dixons and At the price you would expect a screen protector that would cover the entire display ensuring there are no gaps. Even the picture of the screen protector on the product packaging shows it overlaid on a Lumia 800 gave that sort of impression.

Well no. The screen protector is shaped to only cover the 'active' part of the display. Fair enough as it is called a 'screen protector' after all. But surely for the money you would expect better, and I did expect better. In fact the picture of the screen protector overlaid on the Lumia 800 dictates that it should protect the entire display, edge to edge, curved and all. I was do disappointed I did not bother to apply it on my Lumia 800, preferring to retain the shabby screen protector I crudely cut from one that was previously applied on an older phone.
Edge to edge SP-NOK01 as seen on, and Phones4U's website
So dear Nokia, what are you going to do about this? This product isn't fit for purpose, does not cover the entire display despite the picture that indicates so. This is clearly a deliberate misrepresentation of a product and I can't believe you are selling such an accessory. £12 or £8 (depending on where you bought it) is a lot of money for what are two pieces of inaccurately cut plastic! Sort it out!


Chicken65 said...

Ah daym, I was hoping this screen protector would be the one, seeing as it's an official accessory from Nokia. Massive disappointment! Are there any out there that cover the whole screen? I've seen some from skinomi but they are for the n9 even though they are marketing it as for the lumia. Manufacturers are getting sloppy.

Anonymous said...

Skinomi. Covers screen completely. In a dry and wet installation version

Mr. Double B said...

Just purchased "MyScreen Protector" for Lumia 800, and have the same issue. I got so pissed i took it off after 2 minuts. Looked like the "official" one in the post and i think that's an outrage.

With such a "designer" phone which sells on style, this is unaccpetable. I'm trusting in Gorilla Glass for now until something better is sold.

Anonymous said...

Gorilla glass is not scratch resistant, its myth

Anonymous said...

Glass defo not scratch resistant, I have been careful with it but am now looking for a full length protector now that it has marked.