Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rant: Google, you are doing it wrong

Many Android enthusiasts has pointed to me about the flexibility of Android and how it is great for users to be able to choose. The beauty of Android - there's an app for everything, they say. Custom ROMs? Covered.

The bad? The fact that I even need to install those apps or custom ROMs. Yesterday evening I copied a couple of videos onto my Android phone (yes, I am on Android full time now), expecting that the all great Android OS would be able to handle them. Sadly I was rudely greated with a file not supported pop-up. Forced to enter the crudely designed Android Market, I downloaded three video playback apps. The first one did not work. It works great on the second app, but for whatever reasons it decided to jack up the brightness to maximum. Finally the third app work - but only after much fiddling around.

So yeah, there's an app for everything on Android - but why the heck did I have to go through all those shit just to watch a video? The experience was so frustrating I was tempted to pick up my old Nokia N8 and watch the video then and there. Symbian has many faults but at least it can play a freaking video!

This whole thing reminded me of my time with Pocket PC and Window Mobile and how I had to spend countless of time and money to get stuff to work the way it should out of the box. If Google can't be bothered to make simple stuff like video playback work out of the box then I don't see the need to waste more of my resources on Android - just like how I don't waste any more money on Symbian.

Fix your shit Google.

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