Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gaming night report

The idea for a #gamingnight was first mentioned a month ago at another meet when chatting with @idreamelectric and @laserlid. I waited and waited and was so happy when the e-mail invite from @laserlid arrived at my inbox a couple of weeks ago. I was like yay.

And that was that. #gamingnight was on.

#gamingnight was held at @1000heads incredibly swanky London office on 7 July (that's Wednesday). I remember it being hot and not much else. Arrived precisely at 7.30pm to find we weren't the first! Bah!

The World Cup semi final between Germany and Spain happened to clash with the meet, but a laptop and projector was set displaying the match. What was supposed to be a good match ended up being a dull one with only one goal over 90 minutes. Thankfully not much attention was paid to the match itself. I mean you put a bunch of social media gaming geeks in a room, what do you expect? There was plenty of chatting, networking and obviously gaming. Unfortunately @laserlid couldn't make it (a #gamingnight without @laserlid isn't right)...

I am glad to have met plenty of bloggers and tweeples who shares the same passion of video gaming. A Mario Kart Wii competition was held to great delights. I got first in the first round and last in the second round - a testament to my gaming crappiness.

In any case I really enjoyed #Gamingnight. A night of pizza, beer, cupcakes and gaming in the company of very friendly and likeable people - really, what's not to like? Here's a class photo:

L-R: @geekcomputer, @goonjm, @nicolaj88, @jonchoo, @tomscott, @chris_alexander, @mattcopp, @adonisdemon, @fauzg, @mseckington, @iamluca, @idreamelectric, @cbetta (photo by @hardij)

Yes, now that I've seen it I do feel stupid for doing that...

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