Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moo MiniCards

I first learnt of Moo MiniCards after first receiving some back at a bloggers meet a couple of months ago, and again at another meet last month. Moo allows customers to upload their individual images and have them printed on the back of the card (as well as the front, though generally most people uses that to include contact information, up to six lines are allowed). It sounded good on paper, so I decided to give it go.

The MiniCards are about half the size of normal business cards. There is a minimum order of 100 cards, and customers can actually upload up to 100 different images for each different card. The concept is brilliant, and I am convinced by their business model. At £11.99 per 100 MiniCards, it is also seem rather good value for money. It is a must have for people who are averse to conventional and boring business cards or who wants a bit of individualism in their cards. I uploaded 25 images and received four cards of each. Print quality is excellent and the QR code I decided to have in lieu of a logo was easily read by any smartphone with autofocus lens.

Along with MiniCards, Moo also print conventional sized business cards, postcards, greeting cards and stickers. They also sell accessories, like the Supernana felt MiniCard holder I ordered when I bought the MiniCards. The felt MiniCard holder is a bit bigger than I expected, and isn't as one-handed friendly as I thought it would be, so I may just order their plastic holder when I place my next order, or attempt a DIY one.

Get 15% off your first order by entering the promo code 2RB2CK at the checkout.

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Anonymous said...

I've ordered a set. Thanks for the code!