Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sony Walkman A840 (OLED, 64GB) announced

Readers of this blog will be aware of how much I admire Sony's line of Walkman DAPs (MP3 players to you simple folks). They just sound so darn good. If you are like me (a music lover) and want the best possible sound quality without resorting to a separate amp, then do check them out.

I am pretty excited by the announcement today of the new high-end S-series and A-series Walkman. First, the S-series (pictured above). The S640 series (which replaces the S630) and S740 series (replaces the S730) will be bundled with the EX300SL in-ear canal phones. These, I have read, are pretty good headphones though obviously no match with high-end IEMs like the Sennheiser IE 8 or Klipsch Custom 3. But I am sure they will make do for the majority of people. The S740, like the S730 before it, will also have built-in Active Noise Cancellation. Not something I would bother personally, but it's there for people who do. Both will also feature TV-out abilities (720x480 resolution). Battery life is rated at 42 hours for audio - which is what you would expect from a Walkman. They will be available in capacities up to 32GB.

So that's the new S-series out of the way. Will I get it? Nope. Only because I have already set my eyes on the new A-series. The A840, which replaces the Bluetooth equipped A820-series, features a 7.2mm thickness profile and will come equipped with a stunning WQVGA OLED screen. This is the same screen that powered the gorgeous X-series. It will also have TV-out and comes bundled with a pair of EX300SL variant headphones. Now the most important bit - it will feature the same(?) S-master amp that powered the X-series! Brilliant isn't it? The same sound quality and the same OLED screen, in a package smaller than the X-series! No WiFi here (not that I care honestly - the web browser was rubbish) or touchscreen (the buttons make up for it). Best of all? It will be available in capacities up to 64GB capacities (A847)!

Knowing the way Sony numbers their Walkman series, I am curious as to why they designated the 64GB model as A847... A 128GB A848 model in the works perhaps? ;)

All of these models have yet to be announced for the Western market, but I am sure they will eventually arrive here. In the mean time while away by reading my reviews of the A818, S639, S739 and X1060 first.


QUIK! said...

Finally! Something bigger than the normal 32GB capacity! I am waiting for something with large capacity and I didn't really like the X series, but this one...I'm waiting!!!

esp, if they have a 128GB one!

Jon said...

128GB will be killer. I won't even bother complaining about lossless. WAV all the way!

Sylvain said...

Yep! Can't wait for those to come out !! 32Gb's a bit small for me as well! 64 is awesome, but 128 would RULE 8)

Anyway great design, with great capacity and apparently great sound as well! Can't wait!

Any idea as to when those are scheduled to be released ?

Thanks Jon, you're my source as to what is new with the sony walkmans =)


Jon said...

It is being released in Japan today, so hopefully not too soon.

Can't wait to get my mits on this.


Sylvain said...

Wow today!
Awesome! Can't wait to read about it here !

Thanks ! =)

katty said...

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jugal said...

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