Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What is the point of Royal Mail?

We have been waiting for a couple of letters and parcels to arrive for the past three weeks. Apparently the postal workers at the Royal Mail postal depot near Watford, North London have been unofficially striking. One of our package arrived last week, but was sliced open. Fortunately the content was not stolen, but then it was worth nothing.

I suspect there are rogue postal workers who are stealing our posts at the sorting office. It is a massive allegation to make but I believe it to be very true. So far only invaluable posts has arrived but things that parcels with goods that have commercial value has failed to turn up. On the other hand the only post being delivered to us by the posties are junk mails. Not by kids but by the posties! Just why do they think it is okay to demand a pay rise when they are moonlighting delivering junks and stealing our mails?

For fuck's sake just sack the lot of them (management and posties), steal their pensions and privatised Royal Mail. When a left winger like me is advocating privatisation you know something has gone seriously wrong somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate, at least it is better than pos laju ya. so called slogan " besok hantar, hari ini sampai" LOL

-Uncle Ho's Apprentice-

RichardAM said...

Incoming post takes forever to get here, outgoing post takes even longer, assuming it's not lost completely.

Okay a strike now and then is alright (although they're becoming far too common), but you would expect a reasonable service the rest of the time- sadly not.

Jon said...

I do not mind official strikes once in a while, which tends to result in my mails arriving a couple of days late - at most. Just to level the playing field between Adam Crozier and the posties.

But unofficial weekly strikes and openly stealing mails really takes the cake.

Angry WD20 resident said...

Tell me about it. We received two parcels that were sent in July last weekend. One of them was sliced opened and resealed.

Guess what?

The content was missing. We have always treated our posties well, but this has gone too far.

Anonymous said...

As a small business owner ( www.rcdecorating.com ) I'm finding it increasingly difficult to function with the Royal Mail proving itself to be so prone to striking. I've made every effort to get clients to use email and online payments, but many still insist on using cheques and hard copies. Since my business is relatively small none of the alternative business mail companies can offer us a service.

Also, given the fact that a vital national service is clearly not working, why the hell has the labour government under Gordon Brown not made a sound about any of it; they are incompetent thats why!