Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Blunkett resigns

The UK's Home Secretary Rt. Hon. David Blunkett has resigned.

Well, I am glad he is gone. I read the news on BBC News website but will miss the action on TV tonight as I will be out. Damn it, I really want to see all the ruckus in the Commons chamber!

The only good thing I can remember he did was bringing down the classification of cannabis to Grade C status drug. I don't do drugs, but who cares! This resignation is long overdue. I am not sure why he has been slow in this tardy action but its good that it has happened. Quite why he wasn't sacked for having a relationship with a right wing conservative Tory, The Spectator's American publisher Kimberly Quinn. Probably proves how well the New Labour overlords are with the Tories.

Now lets hope the ill-conceived right wing totalitarian policies created by him would also be banished forever. Oh and Tony too. And Geoff. And Jack. Lets drop the whole New Labour experiment crap. People vote Labour because it is supposed to have a socialist agenda.

Still, we probably won't hear the last of him. Remember how Tony brought back Alan and Peter? I am sure he is thinking of a way to make David the Chancellor (and stab Gordon in the back).

Source: BBC News

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