Thursday, October 20, 2005

Quake Mobile review

The original Quake was first released in 1996. I remember playing it vividly on my Pentium II 266Mhz Inspiron 7000 before dumping it for Half-Life which was released in 1998. Still nothing kept me away from Quake when mindless fragging was all that was needed.

I know, Quake II was released the year before, but with only a 8Mb ATi Rage, it was a tad slow. Quake III: Arena was uninspiring with no single player missions. The real sequal to Quake II is Quake IV and has just been released. Sadly with a system requirment that requires me to spend close to a thousand pound in order to obtain reasonable gameplay satisfaction, I think I will just pass on this one till maybe 2007 when prices of current hardware has more than halved.

Still I have been enjoying myself fragging little monsters in the original Quake since Pulse Interactive released an optimized version of the game for PDAs. Graphics are encoded in full VGA glory at around 25fps. Sadly there are none of the original Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) soundtrack to immerse myself in. Gameplay has taken quite a hit because the developers did not implement stylus control (to simulate mouse - just try out Metroid Prime: Hunters demo on Nintendo DS and you will know that stylus is as natural as you can get to playing FPS games on mobile devices) like the original Pocket Quake emulator.

Who needs a PSP anyway?

In other news, I gave Resco Sudoku a try and managed to complete my first Sudoku. Hurrah! I now know why I am so lousy at print Sudoku. It is the paper and constant need to use an eraser to rub around. By the time I am half way through there is nothing left to write on. I won't buy it though, when freewares like this are available.



Kat said...

Still haven't done a sudoku yet. Can't be arsed really.

On another note, have fun tomorrow. :) Wish I could join you guys.

Kat said...

Oh yea, sorry I didn't get around to reply to your text on Monday. I'm really bad when it comes to texts. Always slips my mind. Would be great to meet up next time I'm down though. I have a craving for Yo sushi these days. :)

Jon said...

No problem. Hope to meet you some other time.

Can't say that for sushi though. *yuck*